Friday, 5 October 2012

Building Teaching Skills through Interactive Web

One of the most difficult path to create webpage or website of one's own is as hard as to search one's direction in the untrodden paths for a layman in the techno-savvy world of information and technology. I have been through this task indeed with the help of my talented companion, my daughter 'Aishwarya Singh' (class XI student). The full marks to join with you all are deserved by her. I could reach to the page of bloggers and could settle down to frame my blogspot, but then I felt so exhaustive to design the blogpage that I had to resort to assistance, I have my facebook account and I have my two email accounts, I can upload and download but to design the blog and to be interactive in this way is absolutely a new venture in the world of cyber for me.

With Family 
I have been very happy  to accompany you all to learn and to experience the art of being creative on the web and net. It has been very innovative indeed to set compatibility with the system of teaching set by Oregon University. I am very inquisitive how far I will find comfort and how much this course will keep me desperate and how many times I will remain on my toes to cross the bridge of Webskills in ELT.



  1. Dear Jayshree
    Congratulations on your blog.
    I must say that it really looks good.
    I hope that you will put some useful links and ELT material on this blog throughout the course and even after it for the benefit of your students and your colleagues.
    Wishing you all the best
    Aashish Pande
    Assitant Professor (ELT)
    The EFL University
    Lucknow Campus'


    1. The Degree Colleges of private and public sector are facilitated with Web 2.0 techniques to stay connected with the students, faculty of the colleges and the alumni. Today in urban classrooms teaching is well-equipped with LCD and Overhead Projector etc. Mostly the colleges are aware of computer software that can help to stay connected with departments and offices respectively. The faculties use the software programmed lessons in classes for teaching. The teachers are nowadays quite conversed with world-wide web services for their teaching learning interventions. Even the faculty and students do not lag behind in developing their interpersonal relations through networking on social sites like Face book and Twitters and teachers use blogs or their own domain websites to post their profile updates or their achievements. It is also found that teachers of the respective departments post their yearly schedules, action-plans, feats etc. to highlight the progressive potentiality of their colleges. These days students and teachers are sufficiently knowledgeable to surf NET for procuring study material, application forms for admissions, job opportunities, examination papers, sample lessons etc.

      The above observations explain that new myths are to be explored in India to teach ESL in order to integrate tradition with technology in ELT at urban area colleges, because the teachers still feel incapable to bring argumentative and analytical application of IT in ELT; the faculty of the departments do not follow pro-active approach while teaching course of their syllabi with the help of social networking resource enterprise. Secondly the faculty and the college authority do not have open courseware that can be accessible by the students living in any corner of the state, district, village or the country. Even the teachers restrict their networking relations to only friendship and exchange of some personal thoughts; they do not motivate and guide students to use twitter, tweets, blogs, and social sites for discussions and debates or for accessing open courseware.

      The E-teacher Online Scholarship Program, conducted by American Institute of English, Depatment of Linguistics, University of Oregon, Eugene will help the ELTs to study that to what level the interaction on the websites can be used for creative skills in teaching and learning activities in colleges for ELT. It would focus on the usage and application of language skills to create environment in the classrooms as well as to develop the sense of receiving and transmitting education to students. It would explore the resources available at E-Libraries or at E-journals to enhance teaching strategies. It would bring out the prospects of information knowledge processing in professional ethics.

      Jayshree Singh

  2. Hello Jayshree

    Good to see you on board blogging with your smart daughter's help. Being able to identify what help one needs and to find out the right person who could help us are all desirable web skills and you've just proven that you possess a wealth of both. ^_^

    Happy to learn with you in the course and look forward to the nine weeks left and beyond.

    Best, Cherry.

  3. Hello Cherry

    Till date we were living in the shadow of dependency, but this course "Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web" would certainly enable our capacities not only to be self-reliant but also letting us to walk in the the world of Webinar. I am happy you too are slowly and gradually learning like my some of the counterparts (exceptions are always there) to walk without the stick of dependency as regards Web technology and learning to tread and trade your mind on the road of enrichment. Thanks for an encouraging and affectionate post.

    Our reverend instructor Ms. Courtney C. is making us realize to withstand our habit of patience and lethargy and to awaken our dormant inner creative and communicative urge for the benefit of all and for the purpose of ELT.

    Indeed without knocking down the hurdles, we cannot capture the opportunities, and without meddling with challenges, opportunities will not appear to be knocking at our doors.

    Hence for me and for my daughter it is an opportunity what her mom is learning and how much my daughter belonging to generation Y or Z knows. There is caring and concern on one hand, but an exchange of qualitative time with each other.

    This prepares me beforehand how I have to be with the students in the ELT classrooms.

    I hope that would unfold for us new way to enhance our paths of learning and teaching.

    With wishes
    Jayshree Singh


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