Discussion on the first step of choosing the project title

Dear Ashish
It is a matter of great pleasure to hear from you and to know about your inner dilemmas. You have certainly an attributes that confirms that you are dynamic, hard-worker but at the same slow like basic html to excavate the inner strengths quickly. Your blog is absolutely demanding and catches attention even though it reflects your simplicity of your expression.

I would suggest that why do not you take an Indian poet's collection of poems to make a pedagogic study as ELT. Generally poems give lot of information such as -backdrop, history, social conditions, psychology, the kind of people or characters, geographic locations, besides linguistic variations consisting in it. Then other exercises can be planned out in your project as regards the comparative study in the poems of the same poet. Because in English Literature Honours we do study at least two-three poems of a poet in the syllabus of the paper.
Hope you will suggest me too on my topic of the project - "ENCOUNTERING TRADITION IN LEARNERS' ENGAGEMENT" - It's public view URL is attached here - http://www.noodletools.com/public/121010123651478623994229

Regards and Best wishes

Dr. Jayshree Singh
12 October 2012 11:55


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