Friday, 12 October 2012

Ecstasy in ELT and the Webskills

Dear All It is a matter of great pleasure to hear from you all. At the initial level of any course we are being taught as trainers to prepare an action plan along with objectives in order to predetermine what course of action and thought process as a trainer in ELT we need to fix our mind upon. According to me some of the significants motives must be: OBJECTIVES - To know about your inner dilemmas. - To know ones' attributes that confirms how much we are dynamic and hard-worker to feel and accept the change. - to excavate the inner strengths quickly. To display our thought process in demanding and in eye-catching attention even though it reflects our simplicity or ignorance of our expression. - To solve the intricacies of exploring web-possibilities for the interaction purpose - To prepare new models for ELTs is no doubt interesting and intuitive but these ideas do need lot of reorientation as regards computer and internet being used for learning webskills. ACTION-PLAN - To be spontaneous in drawing the steps for lesson plans are : - An Indian poet's collection of poems may be used for pedagogic study as regards ELT studies. Generally poems give lot of information such as -backdrop, history, social conditions, psychology, the kind of people or characters, geographic locations, besides linguistic variations consisting in it. Then other exercises can be planned out as regards the comparative study in the poems of the same poet. - Suppose a film song is to be used for ELT class then I have added a link in this post and the steps to use it in the lesson plan would be - -To talk about its backdrop -To portray the character in the ambiance around him - To understand the significance of this composition in the story-plot - To derive psychological vision of the filmmaker - To study the cinematic art and aesthetics in this song - To compare with any other contemporary film's location or context PEDAGOGIC CULTURAL & CONTEXT IN ELT CLASSROOMS Non - Native Speakers of EFL Every learner has its own culture which he carries into the language learning classroom and teacher has its own cultural background because of his experience, language education and knowledge or because of his being migrant to the other place from his native place, so his teaching process may vary with the language-performers and language –learners. Learner has the knowledge of his mother tongue and his culture when he comes to learn the target language or second language, which is English. It is important to note that English language has its own entity and learning process. Experts of EFL and in ELT for ELF Similarly teacher is supposed to adopt such strategic pedagogic interventions so that students become familiar with the second language with ease and comfort, and the acquisition process turns into a coordinated and cooperative learning. Effective learning can take place only when amalgamation is established between the first language and the second language. Collaborative and cooperative learning process should be emphasized so that the learner becomes more and more interactive and he develops his productive and receptive skills. With this view in mind I would go ahead with the planning of my project, so that it may suit to the conditions and needs of the two points at the center - one is the learner and the other is the teacher. Regards and Best wishes Dr. Jayshree Singh 12 October 2012 11:55

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  1. its gr8 to see u becoming a techno-savvy person. best of luck for all ur assignments!


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