Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Food for Taste or Thought - Delicious.com

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Dear Jasmina

We have learnt to step the ladder of web-interaction with the help of each other, point is the ladder of web exploration has unleashed the probable and improbable opportunities for us. Our dear instructor Ms. Courtney Cunningham has told us to search delicious.com. Do you think we are going to get from this site the food for thought or food for pedagogic exercises in ELT. Hope you might have been faster to search this engine, although one of our classmates Mahesh Dey has already been through it, but he has not given any clue about its utility and implications.

Rest later in my next letter to you. With best wishes                  
Dr. (Mrs.) Jayshree Singh


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  1. Dear Jayshree,

    You have touched upon an interesting dilemma. I agree with you that we should probably ask ourselves whether Delicious is bound to give food for thought or food for pedagogic exercise.

    Some of our colleagues said they do not really see the applicability of the delicious bookmarking tool while others believe the opposite. The pedagogic aspect of our dilemma is hereby covered and I suppose that each one of us will learn to extract some pragmatic use from Delicious to the extent each one of us will determine as needed.

    If we are now to consider the contemplative aspect, I would say that because of the practical aspect we might not be prompted to think about Delicious in the same amount we might be about some article, lesson plan or teacher training instruction. We actually take over other people's ideas. We might think about some of them in more detail, sort out pros and cons, determine the results and applicability or not. Yet, by just considering and reconsidering, we will at least initiate some thinking.

    I guess this is a rather philosophical dilemma and I love the idea of exploring it. Thank you for venturing to kindle such an interesting topic. Maybe some of our colleagues will add some of their reflections.



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