Sunday, 14 October 2012

Language teacher - EFL/ESL Xtian's Corner

Dear Ina
 I have finally step myself before the Saturday PST of Oregon Clock says that that week @ assignments is over, I have caught your blogger to stay connect with you directly. I am glad that you have in our classroom who has immense passion to throw new light on the areas of ABCD model of Bloom's Taxonomy and to suggest stimulative ideas for setting lesson-plans. The perspective of language teacher education in contemporary classroom is comparatively much difficult to prepare lessons plans because today the learner is far richer in the knowledge about social milieu through new media and media literacy. Similarly the instructor is to play the role of mediator rather as teacher or as the supervisor rather as the philosopher to instill problem solving outlook among the learners, as the present age is more scientific, technical, informative and communicative. Therefore the perception towards language teacher education is to be reformulated and redesigned in order to bring not only the autonomy in learners’ engagement to the text and context in the classroom. I hope will add more light to it in your further discussions.
 Best wishes
Jayshree Singh
 October 14, 2012 12:15 AM

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