Linguistic Interpretation of Discourse/ Narrative
The discourse analysis of a text from the literary critique point of view incorporates the meaning in the text, inter-textuality, embedded metaphorical sense, use of symbols to denote myths or an image in an exaggerated or in extraordinary manner. The discourse analyses also refers to the backdrop, the culture, context and comprehension of the societal interest viz-a-viz past and present society, social attributes, conditions and norms. In a way discourse analysis of the text recreates the image of the writing imagined by the writer as well as it constructs new thought for the reader, by the reader and of the reader to reimagine the situation, context and culture as per his cognition. But when we do the linguistic interpretation of a narrative indeed the focus lies on the words/vocabulary i.e. signifier and the signified. The words become the object of scrutiny in the contemporary context and comprehension first of all; secondly the words delineate their identity in terms of the syntax and semantics as well as in relation to phonetics and morphology. The linguistic interpretation lets the readers to enter in the applied linguistic space wherein each word adheres to its significance as regards the sociology, psychology and stylistics. Therefore whenever a narrative piece is picked up in ELT classroom the linguistic variations baffle the learner and the teacher both. The former gets stuck up in the whirlpool of words for deciphering and the latter falls into the trap how to help students to disseminate. The teacher thus requires to be aware of the assessment techniques of analysing, interpreting, inferring and evaluating the content of the reading passage herself first of all, secondly the teacher needs to aim to plan a blueprint of activities for the development of skills out of the reading passage. Herein how far the webskills can create non-conventional pattern in the guidance of the teacher is the question to meditate upon. With best wishes to all


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