Thursday, 25 October 2012

Teaching English Language">How to Teach English Through Films</a> -- powered by ehow</div>


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  2. Dear Friends
    I have come across the enterprising, enthusiastic and emancipating ideas to enhance my classroom English Language Teaching methodology by integrating the use of flash cards, whiteboard and recorded-video clippings from the webpage There are two lessons that I have uploaded from the link of eHow. The first lesson is for non-native speakers or for young kids learning EFL's phonic sounds and the other is for primary or elementary level students, that consists of the structure and its usage in a sentence and then using sentence in the paragraph and finally paragraph to be added in the essay writing.
    Dear friends this is one of the enriching intervention that I thought to forward to you all. Second lesson appears interesting as it integrates EL pedagogy along with computer skills how to present the lesson in a different and creative way. The flash cards are itself on the screen of the slide, the student is to select the correct adjective before the noun and he /the teacher has to drag it to the blank in the given sentence.
    I admire the hardwork of the learned tutors for putting such inputs to rightsize the prevalent system that is based solely on lecture, writing of grammar rules on the blackboard and finally asking students to cram and assess them by giving them certain type of exercises like Fill in the blanks or match the right adjective with the given noun.

    Such exercises could be simply practised on BB or with flashcards, but the same thing is attracting the viewers' senses when it is planned through the enhanced technology.

    Hope you would add light to my comprehension of this empowered use of ICT in learning-teaching process.

    With best Wishes to all!


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