Thursday, 11 October 2012

Verbal Culture of EFL with ELF in ELT

The world over where there was and there are commonwealth of nations, the English language has become the medium of deconstructing and demystifying the statuettes of eastern and western enigma and at the operational level there have been efforts to combine lingual mobility with social mobility, so that mobilization of non-native speakers of EFL may be achieved through assimilation, immersion and sheltered process. Deciphering the EFL through ELF has opened avenues to disseminate information, sound system of language, structural aspects via internet and computer. Therefore web-skills, webinars and webpages are unraveling the trajectory of cross-cultural peripheries both for native and non-native speakers of EFL and these are shaping the programs and methods of ELT to create English for Lingua Franca all across the globe. The aim is to bring in close circuit the speakers of EFL with their expanded circles by way of non-conventional and virtual techniques of web-network system.

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