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Dear Jasmina
 You have really ventured your passion and perseverence into the details of learning and exploring skill of educational technology along with webskills. I am thankful to provide with such such practical experiences by using PB worktools and Noodletools.
 Regards Jayshree
 October 14, 2012 12:26 AM


  1. Dear Jayshree,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    My passion for the computer, the web, the Internet, CALL, Web 2.0 and ICT in general has been evolving rapidly throughout the last two decades of my life. I am positive technology can be a huge support and aid but I do not think that any machine can replace the real teacher and I would never accept such a horrible future vision. The interaction in real classroom conditions is precious and when it is spiced up with technology, seasoned to taste so to say, it can only be better.

    Therefore, I am eager to learn, collaborate and share.


  2. Dear Jasmina

    We have learn to step the ladder of web-interaction with each other, point is the ladder of web exploration has unleashed the probable and improbable opportunities for us. Our dear instructor Ms. Courtney Cunningham has told us to go Do you think we are going to get from this site the food for thought or food for pedagogic exercises in ELT. Hope you might have been faster to search this engine, although one of our classmates Mahesh Dey has already been through it, but he has not given any clue about its utility and implications.

    Rest later in my next letter to you. With best wishes
    Dr. (Mrs.) Jayshree Singh


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