Saturday, 10 November 2012

PPT Presentation with the use of TELL



The below given link throws light on my ideology, why I have first presented such research - oriented  topic in my PPT and it also presents in the later slides the methodology how I have thought to bring advancement in my dreams and students' aspirations from a teacher of 21st century. This link provides us with clues how to frame games of jeopardy to instill fun and light in the lesson of ELT.


  1. Dear Jayshree,
    Good to see your interesting ppt.
    You have done a good exercise to prepare an introduction on the Smart Board and the American case.What is your opinion about the Indian situation?Do you think the Indian class rooms have been upgraded to such American models?I don't think so.We still use the lecture method and the Grammar-Translation method to teach English with some ppts here and there.We mostly do not have a well-structured and well-equipped class room with interactive white board for ready use.Am I right?Try to think about some innovative use of modern technology keeping our Indian class room situation in mind.
    Best wishes.

  2. Jayshree Singh said...

    Dear Friend Mahesh Dey

    My academic presentation has created a spur in your mind that what I intend to communicate through my PPT Oral presentation.

    1. It is a research oriented presentation that introduces the subject, sub-topics and the objectives and theories how to go ahead with the steps in lesson-plan.

    2. This is an issue of anxiety to all concerned in India whether they belong to any agency of ELT, how to go about changes with pragmatics and pedagogy via web.

    3. I have inserted one video of American development to chase American dream and this they did first being explorers in language learning and then to be adaptive to all four major learning styles of ELT pedagogy and pragmatics in socio-cultural linguistics aspects

    4. The short film exhibits that it is not one day progress even in such multicultural society to facilitate all with CBT and to teach with TELL in real/virtual arena.

    5. If you go to slide numbers 12 to 16 you will find that there are ways to connect students with traditional methodology(offline) or with unconventional learning style of PBL with the help TELL (online. In place of CBT oriented PPT displays and questionnaires, we can generate charts with images of India map and the various cuisine famous across India. Comparing the kitchens in their drawings/sketches or illustrating the women/men role in kitchen.

    6. The slide numbers 18 to 20 refer to complete integration of TELL and collaboration of cooperative learning within peers or in groups and to exhibit on a platform of class via charts, posters, model presentation just as we do in science/geography subject classes.

    7. The point 6. above also can be taught through screening of the short downloaded film in class through LCD or Television or through film-screens or through the students laptops or teachers laptop.

    8. As the Government of Rajasthan has started the scheme of providing computer tablets to students of rural and urban government schools,so I hope by the next year we can start such activities in rural government and private schools.

    9.The PPT lessons and integrated with TELL can be successfully implemented if any of the teacher or student has the net connection or dongle to connect internet service in any corner of India.

    10.This presentation when can be taught or presented at seminar/conference level by me, then if I will work for executing it in private college, private schools, it is going to bring more engaging involvement of students.

    With regards and thanks for questioning and posting comment promptly to clarify the gaps.

    Jayshree Singh

    10 November 2012 22:08

  3. Hi Jayshree,

    I just had a look at your presentation and I find it really interesting. As Mahesh has pointed out, my situation here in Mauritius can be termed almost same as that in India. However, I view the changes that you wish to bring forward and I see that some can be implemented on my side as well.

    Keep on the good work Jayshree.

    Regards from Deepak of Mauritius

  4. Hi Jayshree,

    I'm a little confused...The only thing I can see is the video, which is great! Is this your presentation? If so, you have done an excellent job, but the idea was to create a power point that engages students through interaction; the class would be more student centered and less teacher centered through the use of the PPT.

    Your video is both interesting and insightful, but it is a tool that involves audience members watching it and not interacting while doing so.

    I can see a link below the video, but I can't open it.

    Please let me know if I am seeing the right presentation.



    1. Dear and Reverend Courtney

      I have updated the link of my PPT with TELL on my blogpage and if you click it you will be able to watch complete PPT.
      Thanking you for kind guidance.

      With regards
      Jayshree Singh


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