PPT & Studying Travel & its Vocabulary-Data


  1. Hello Jayshree,

    Your film looks nice and I can see you must have had a lot of fun while making it.

    I believe in Dvolver being an ideal tool to use in demonstration and presentation classes. Furthermore, in classrooms where students can use a computer on their own, Dvolver may turn out to be a great writing tool as well.

    I hope you will have some more (useful) fun with Dvolver.

  2. Dear Jasmina

    Good to hear from you, after a two week gap you are back to my post, I hope all is at your end being progressive.

    Actually I intend to integrate this little film in my presentation of Project task done by us in week 5. I am trying hard to make puzzles through crossword weaver.com, but it is not letting us to download without purchase that tool for integrating with TELL so easily.

    I hope you will suggest me perhaps Hot Potatoes, I have not tried it for creating games.

    Do you think is there any other site/engine that can let me to frame puzzles for vocabulary building test?

    Rest later .

    With thanks



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