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Webskills in the ELT: Readers Theatre in ELT

Webskills in the ELT: Readers Theatre in ELT: Luv and Kush and the White Horse Read more at

Readers Theatre in ELT

Luv and Kush and the White Horse


After Sita was sent away from Ayodhya by Rama, she lived in Sage Valmiki's ashram with her sons, Luv and Kush. The two boys grew up to be strong like their father, Rama. One day, Rama held a big Ashvamedha Yajna. After the yajna, a sacred white horse was adorned with jewels and garments and it was declared that this horse would be taken around to many kingdoms across the region. A declaration was hung around the horse's neck, which stated that if anyone caught the horse, they would have to fight with the soldiers accompanying the horse. Shatrughna was entrusted with the task of taking the horse. One day, the horse was passing by Sage Valmiki's ashram. Seeing the horse, Luv and Kush decided to take it to the ashram. While catching the horse, they noticed the declaration around its neck but were not in the l…

Overview of the E-Teacher Course Work

It had been a startling start for me to get through the intricacies of webskills and teaching skills via UO. I was afraid then, I was holding myself high to penetrate through the webskills techno-savvy approach of UO.  Learning this E-Teacher (Building Teaching Skills through Webskills)   through University of Oregon, U.S.A., is relevant to my own further academic enhancement and it will enrich me with the global demand of raising better human capital well-versed in English language both as a teacher and as a student. First I opened my classroom discussion account, but I was initially stuck up with blogger. I named it – - Webskills in ELT.
Incorporating Technology via Blog
The teachers are nowadays quite conversed with world-wide web services for their teaching learning interventions. Even the faculty and students do not lag behind in developing their interpersonal relations through networking on social sites like Fac…