Monday, 21 January 2013

ESL/EFL : Competency and Interventions for Tribal- Rural Region Speakers

India is a nation – state whose major population of youths belongs to agrarian society. Due to

industrialization, urbanization and capitalistic economy, the rural youth is seeking admission in the metro-

city colleges or in cosmopolitan city colleges. On the contrary the educated, advanced-elite classes of

youths prefer to seek admissions in developed countries of Europe or in USA. The college language

instructors or teachers are well aware of the ambitions of metro youths and rural youths. The teachers are

facing extreme contrast of crowds in their language classes.

Needless to say that the language competency is an important functional skill in today’s technologically

advanced society. In contemporary times of global economy and transnational shifts, the English

Language Development and literacy in non-native speakers of English as regards EFL or ESL depend

in part on the learning and development that occurs since childhood. The trajectories of language

development varies in terms of socio-economic resources and children’s capacity of acquisition as well as

the education level of their parents, but their exposure does stimulate the early literacy factors.

Factors that reduce the risk for persistent language problems include the child being born into a working

family, parental education beyond minimum school-leaving age, advantageous housing conditions,

and preschool attendance. Socio-demographic indicators are gender, family characteristics, parental

education, and employment. Unfortunately the children from rural belt are denied of such environments

and hence they need extra help and attention.

The research study would be undertaken on the basis of the case studies of certain schools that are located

in tribal and rural areas in order to find the difficulties in language application and structural usage in

spoken English. The paper makes an effort to understand the faculties of non-native speakers’ mind

concerning the problems and colossal ignorance of the English language.

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