Friday, 25 April 2014

Twentieth Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide

The Tribute Ceremony of the Twentieth Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocidal Mass Killings was held in the Auditorium Hall at B.N.P.G. College on April 18, 2014. The Chief Guest of the program was his Excellency Rwanda High Commissioner Ernest Rwamncyo. The Guest of Honour was Dr. Raghuveer Singh Rathore, International Test Empire of Cricket. The function was presided by the Managing Director B.N. Sansthan Dr. N. N. Singh Rathore. The Principal, B.N.P.G. College Dr. V. S. Shaktawat welcomed the guest. In his address, he said that such bilateral interactions will boost overseas relationships as regards educational, professional and inter-cultural understanding. The Rwandan and East African students studying in B.N.P.G. College did miming show on a song that symbolically represent the anguish, despair and apathy of the survivors due to the act of unbearable horror, death and massacre happened between April 7 to June 1994, inflicted on Tutsis and moderates by the members of Hutu Tribe majority. The video clippings of such brutal killings, decomposed remains and ruins presented the unspeakable sorrow of the holocaust and the survivor’s pain to resurrect from such catastrophe.
The Chief Guest High Commissioner in his deliberations talked about the genocidal denial on the part of world nations and their negligence to prevent such unforgivable, unforgettable inhuman crime that killed more than 800000 people within 100 days. He alleged that the spirit of reconciliation, hope, unity has to be generated among the sufferers and initiatives have to be taken globally for the development of East and Central Africans in order to renew their life and unite them, so that such happening may not repeat.
The Guest of Honour Dr. Raghuveer Singh Rathore in his address emphasized the deep remorse on such heinous act and humanitarian crisis. He said such acts propagate hate and misguide human to violate natural laws and human rights. Dr. N. N. Singh, the Managing Director of B.N. Sansthan in his presidential remarks acknowledged High Commissioner’s plea to rethink about such sufferings resulting from genocides that cause harm and imbalances in social and environmental ecology. He praised High Commissioners’ leadership initiatives for development programmes from socio-economic perspectives. The commemoration programme organizer was Sh. Bhanu Kapil and program anchor was Dr. Jayshree Singh, faculty in B.N.P.G. College.
          After the program, a meeting with the Principals of Colleges of B. N. Sansthan and Rwandan High Commissioner was held to discuss the potential careers, skill-oriented requirements and training and development for the students of Central/East Africans in B.N. Colleges that impart professional and educational degrees.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Health Awareness and Training Camp - January 27, 2014


Inaugural session of the Workshop held on 27 January, 2014 by the department of English at the Seminar Hall of B.N.P.G.College, Udaipur in collaboration with the members of the Center of Red Cross Youth Society, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. In this thirty three girls from various areas of Haryana State were the delegates, who were to be trained in the Health Awareness Camp  with the support of various institutions of Udaipur. The girls spread the message of selfless-service for the community people, the self-enhancement of one's abilities to serve the society and to develop the spirit of courage and initiative to come forward in order to draw more and more participants from Udaipur area to join Youth Red Cross Society for the cause of social welfare and upliftment.

Performing Arts of Indian Heritage - "MALHAR" - 2018, 8-9 September, West Zone Culture Centre, Udaipur Rajasthan

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