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Ethics-Aesthetics of Jaidev's Poetics GEET GOVIND in Udaipur

An amazingly ethereal profusion of spontaneity, melody, rhythm, beauty, truth, aesthetics, completely pious, pure, passionate, dedicated movements of dance in gestures, emotions and steps were felt by mesmerised and delighted spectators at Shilpgram theatre hall on 11 December 2016, Sunday from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. It was an occasion that commemorated the sweet strains of lyrics from the book entitled "Geet Govind" sung in praise and in devotion for the Supreme Almighty Lord Krishna by one of the early  Medieval Indian History Laureate and renowned poet Jaidev. The performers were from young girls to youthful women, who embellished the the poetics with their kindled, enlightened art of Odissi dance, who have been mentored voluntarily for so long by the blessings of Guruji of Vrindavan, whose patronisation and motivation have not only enriched and enlivened the long, lost, precious, classical Indian literary piece through art of music and dance, but his kind dedication has re…

ACLA Annual Meeting 2017 Seminar - Selected Abstract-Proposals for Presentation

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 Publications in last three years

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5.Memories, Disillusions and Reactions: Cry the Peacock by Anita Desai - International Journal of English: Literature, Language & Skills IJELLS www.i…