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The Fascinating Life Journey of the Enlightened Patron - Shriji Hazoor Maharana Sahab Mahendra Singhji of Mewar


SEMINAR SCHEDULE - The American Comparative Literature Association's 2016 Annual Meeting, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Women of Regalia in Power: A CatalystOrganizer(s):
Jayshree Singh, Bhupal Nobles Post Graduate College, (Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur) Stream(s):  B The social discourses dealing with gender and women studies in literal sense project gender and class relations, cultural tensions between men and women. The generic characteristics of such class-societies if analysed sociologically also implicate the power to reconstruct the text in its post-independence, post-modern societal phase. The historical background of such sections provide the readers to restructure indivisible duality of social conflicts, societal structuring, barriers and borders in a new dialogic process as regards  historical women in power position, who attempted to play their authority as guardians either to protect the heirs to the throne or to confront opposition for the safety of their provinces. Many women fighters in power position displayed their vision as well as they were instrumental in building women as…

Trendsetting Session 2015-16 in B.N.PG College, Udaipur