Scheduled Talks – By Dr. Jayshree Singh, Asstt. Prof., Head Deptt. Of English, Faculty Of Social Science & Humanities, Bhupal Nobles University, Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan, India

Friday, July 22nd
11:00, Marjanne Gooze, D. The language of thematics Room: Big Raum 1 Chair: Marjanne Gooze
11:00 AM - "Cock a doodle doo": Henry David Thoreau & the Language of Concern in the Age of Global Warming Lin, Ya-huei (Department of Western Languages and Literature National University of Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Austria)
12:00 PM - Decadence of Nature's Law - Metaphor in the Selected Fictions Singh, Jayshree (Lecturer (Selection Grade) Bhupal Nobles' Post-Graduate College, Rajasthan, India)
Friday, July 22nd
14:00, Marta Skwara, D. The language of thematics Room: Seminarraum Geschichte 1 Chair: Marta Skwara
2:00 PM - The Poetic Process of Contemplation and Creation Singh, Jayshree (Lecturer (Selection Grade) Bhupal Nobles' Post-Graduate College, Rajasthan, India)
2:30 PM - What Do Mothers Want to Speak: The Maternal Languages in Elizabeth Bowen's "The House in Paris" Hou, Shu-Hui (National Chengchi University, Taipei, )
3:00 PM - Linguistic Image and Linguistic Body in Allan Poe's "Ligeia" and "Morella" Lan, Wen-lin (National Chengchi University, Xinbei City, )

Monday, July 25th
 09:00, Livia Monnet, C. Many cultures, many idioms Room: Sensengasse SR 6 Chair: Livia Monnet
 9:00 AM - Poetics of Migration and Development of Cultural Identity in Nino Kharatisvili's Novel The Eighth Generation Mujiri, Sophie (I. Djavacischwili Staatliche Universität Tbilissi, Tbilissi, Georgia); Navrozaschvili, Ekaterine (I.Djavachischwili Staatliche Universität Tbilissi, Tbilissi, Georgia)
9:30 AM - Literary Heritage of Georgian Emigration in France and Language as an Identity Marker Ratiani, Irma (Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia)
10:00 AM - The Emotions in the Narratives of Migration Singh, Jayshree (Lecturer (Selection Grade) Bhupal Nobles' Post-Graduate College, Rajasthan, India)


Saturday, July 23rd // Monday, July 25th // Tuesday, July 26th // Wednesday, July 27th 17228 - Indian Theatre, Ritual and Drama: Towards an Intercultural Understanding of the Dramatic Mode Room: Hs 24 Chair: MAUFORT, MARC
2:00 PM - Versions of History: Girish Karnad's Play The Dreams of Tipu Sultan Davis, Geoffrey (Institut für Anglistik, Aachen, Germany)
2:20 PM - The Absurd and the Classical Theory of Drama: A comparative study of the plays of Girish Karnad and Samuel Beckett Chatterjee, Abhinaba (DPO-1 (G), Air HQ (VB), Delhi, India)
2:40 PM - Twice-born Theatrical Sensibility¿ of east and west in Girish Karnad¿s Hayavadana Trikha, Manorama (CCS University, Meerut, Meerut, India)
 3:00 PM - Hayavadana:-- Interfacing Performance and Philosophy by yoking Epic Theatre and Yakshagana James, Jancy (CLAI, Trivandrum, India)Monday,
July 25th
11:00 AM - Traditional Indian Theatre and Kabuki: A Passage Towards a Total Theatre Choudhuri, indra Nath (Millennium Trust, Kent, UK, Delhi, India)
 11:30 AM - The Brechtian Specters of Other Modern Theatres: Comparing Habib Tanvir and Wole Soyinka's Visions of Dramatic/Theatrical Art Kumar, S Satish (University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA)
12:00 PM - Fear in Indian and Greek Drama Figueira, Dorothy (University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA)Tuesday,

July 26th
2:00 PM - Performance in Plays: The Modern Metaphysical Mentality of Indian Playwrights Singh, Jayshree (Lecturer (Selection Grade) Bhupal Nobles' Post-Graduate College, Rajasthan, India)
2:30 PM - Performance and Literary Studies:Indian Context Bhowmik, Ranjamrittika (Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India)
 3:00 PM - "Staging Coyote's Dream": Reading the performance texts of Budhan Theatre, Gujarat, India and Native Earth Performing Arts, Canada. Bhattacharyya, Dheeman (Centre for Comparative Literature, Bhasa Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Birbhum, West Bengal,
Friday, July 22nd // Saturday, July 23rd 17336 - Engaging Publics In and Through Translation Room: Übungsraum Germanistik 3 Chair: Bermann, Sandra
2:00 PM - The Challanges of Legal Translation in Multicultural Societies Camps, Assumpta (University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain)
2:20 PM - Climate Activism and Translation Esplin, Marlene (Brigham Young University, Provo, USA) 2:40 PM - The Visible Translator - Engaging the Public at International Book Fairs Kölling, Angela (University of Gothenburg, Västra Frölunda, Sweden)
3:00 PM - Classical Arabic Literature for a 21st-century English Readership: The Experience of the Library of Arabic Literature Rossetti, Chip (Library of Arabic Literature, New York, NY, USA)
4:00 PM - Growing up cosmopolitan. Imagining the world through translation in childhood. Lopes, Alexandra (Universidade Católica Portuguesa - CECC, Lisboa, Portugal)
 4:20 PM - Creating New Reading Publics through Translation Scoville, Spencer (Brigham Young University, Provo, USA)
4:40 PM - Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and her Reluctant 21st Century Publics: Monolingual, AntiIntellectual, and Performative Readings Gómez, Isabel (University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA)
 5:00 PM - How to reach the public: editorial visions for retranslation projects Hawkins, Spencer (Bilkent University, Bilkent Ankara, Turkey)
Saturday, July 23rd
 9:00 AM - Martí Evermore: José Martí as Reader and Translator of Edgar Allan Poe Esplin, Emron (Brigham Young University, Provo, USA)
 9:20 AM - Translating Silence(s) in Mahashweta Devi's Imaginary Maps translated by Gayatri Spivak Menon, Nirmala (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore, India)
9:40 AM - Roberto Bolano and the Precarious Space of Literature Streip, Katharine (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
 10:00 AM - Translation: A Social fact and Practice Singh, Jayshree (Lecturer (Selection Grade) Bhupal Nobles' Post-Graduate College, Rajasthan, India)
Friday, July 22nd // Saturday, July 23rd 17341 - Literature and the Language Room: Hs 26 Chair: Rao, Mythili ICLA 2016 –
 2:00 PM - Voices from the Margins as Destabilizing Forces of Power Centres of Hierarchy: Karnad and Hariharan Lall, RamaRani (Department of English, Jaipur, jaipur, India)
2:20 PM - Marginalized Communities - Tribal Narratives of India and Pakistan Mathur, Vrinda (BBD Post Graduate College, Jaipur, India)
 2:40 PM - On Margin, Culture and Identity : The Case of Minority Writings in Canada and India Firdaus, Zakia (central university of gujrat, gandhinagar, India)
3:00 PM - The Black Feminism And The Dalit Feminism: A Comparative Study of Toni Morison's 'Sula And Bama's 'Sangathi'. Anjum, Mahjabeen (Department of English.Magadh University,BodhGaya, Gaya. Bihar, India)
4:00 PM - The Language of Silence in Fiction and Cinema Chaturvedi, Vinita Gupta (Delhi College of Arts & Commerce,University of Delhi, New Delhi, India)
 4:20 PM - Assertion of Identities in the Indigenous Literature of Canada and India: A Comparative Critique Sethi, Roshi (Amity University, Noida, India)
4:40 PM - (Re) positioning the "Other": A Comparative study of Dalit women writing of Maharashtra and African American women writing-A feminist standpoint Lanjewar, Aparna (The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India)
5:00 PM - Speak, Strike, Redress: The shifting position of Language and Literature in India Riti, Sharma (Viswa Bharati Un
iversity, West Bengal, India)Saturday,
 July 23rd
4:00 PM - Dialectics of Oppression, Starvation and Humiliation: An Introspection of Om Prakash Valmiki's Joothan, Baby Kamble's The Prisons we Broke and Mannu Bhandari's Mahabhoj Kumar, Neeraj (Magadh University Bodh-Gaya Bihar, Gaya, India)
 4:20 PM - The Status of Dalits in Multilingual India: A Question of Retrieval - A Comparative study Singh, Jayshree (Lecturer (Selection Grade) Bhupal Nobles' Post-Graduate College, Rajasthan, India)
4:40 PM - Writing from the Margins: Re-visioning the (En)gendered self in the intercultural Context through the Poetry of Adrienne Rich and Kamala Das Shahnaaz, Tasneem (University Of Delhi, New Delhi, India)


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