REFLECTIONS on Week -6 Work (Part-I)

This week has become intensive, important, inventive, imaginative, impeccable and full of incentive to one’s store of web-knowledge to be fully utilised and to programmed it heuristically and holistically in one’s own development of web-skills as well as to create new ways to develop enchantment and interest both for the learner and the instructor respectively. 

Indeed this is the week when we are in the age of achieving youth in our activities viz-a-viz 'Building Teaching Skills through Interactive Web", like a playboy of the western world we are striving for the skills that were long left latent and unexplored to use in academics, in class, in interaction and in self-development.

When I went through the chapters provided to us as reading resource material, I got many of my loopholes correctly.

I have tried to assimilate the PPT in my TELL and CBT knowledge, so that as a learner i may be able to differentiate that web-images, videos, audios are an additional figurative and eye-catching sources to make students feel that there is a teacher in the class, but she is letting then to fly beyond their real class environment and leading them onto the World Wide Web with whatever resource she can make understand and interact her topic with students.

I just want to extend one thought-provoking gratitude to our Ms. Courtney, who in the course work set one task of creating a blog and then she ask in the second week to add pages for the expression of one's thought in the section of Reflective Page. In this way she has kept us follow four major learning styles i.e. spatial/visual; kinetic; language-oriented; and lastly the logical / analytical.  It is working in its capacity at two level - one to play with web-engines and designs and secondly with project-based learning. This means that she asks us to post comments, to answer comments, to post new page reflections, to deliver new idea in new post on one's blog. 

She has set her rubrics for each step when the students complete and has behavioural change and achieve a certain level of degree in skills of web. This certainly engaging, innovative, non-conventional and demonstrates creative and instinctive attitude, that what student want to float on the webpage or what student could not find interesting.

This task differentiates from traditional manner of testing on the basis of certain pattern of questionnaire, quizzes, tests. It lets one think what one wants to do , what is worth doing and how to implement explorations done via web-links or web-resources. It helps to begin developing one's own thoughts, activities when one observe other's works and enables the learner to gather information and to answer back.

This task of creating a blog and then reflecting on your blog is both project based and can even engage large class with respect, with classroom environment, and is conducive to learning, improving communication and feeling comfortable in a variety of locations.

Thus with the example of this task we need to understand the perspectives and outcomes of engaging learner and need to remove the elements that keep the leaner disengaged.

More to hear from you all!


Jayshree Singh

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  1. Jayshree,

    It delights me to hear your enthusiasm for the blog. You clearly see the value in this blog on many different levels.

    Your blog is an ongoing work in progress. You have many pages and now have it organized so that visitors can easily navigate it and find the information that is of interest to them.

    Nice work!


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