WEEK 7- REFLECTIONS (Self- Access Center)

Dear Friends

We have been wonderfully getting through traditional talent that is modified excellently through this course in terms of previous knowledge as regards CBT system in exams, projects, personal evaluation, peer checklist and group activities. It has encouraged us to view our work through self access center by saving previously made worksheets including lots of study material or exercises, so that these spreadsheets or worksheets, presentations can be used and reused virtually or in real classroom situations.

The samples that  have been showcased are worth to follow up.

In my case I have indeed picked up a different field by intention to get expertise in the new venture, although my university do have opted annual rubric pattern on the scales that we have learned, but they are not integrated with TELL, rather they are electronically uploaded to computer evaluative page through optical memory answer sheets that are designed in such way that they are scanned and fed in computer evaluation software. Here the assessment center is in form of infrastructure in which all sheets of million of students stored and then electronically fed.

This course is teaching us that how to get into continuous and cumulative system for the group of large classes indeed via interactive Internet resources and softwares.

My question is in India with such large crowded classes for example there are 600 students in Bachelor of Commerce Level I (First Year), now how do you think such rubrics can be applied?

Is there any way to evaluate the seminar projects of such large classes without collecting from students hard copies of OMR answer sheets or any sort of other hard copies, so that we can save paper then wood and then deforestation finally. Secondly how would such self-access centers would collaborate with one particular university, unless there is common pattern of examination, Although the same can be practised in classes of 100-200 students at a time, but not more than that perhaps.

If you have any suggestions for any of the above written paragraphs do write.
With best wishes
Jayshree Singh
November 18, 2012 2:06 AM

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