Dear Friends


I have felt that this week I got bold first in making my project task continued as according to Week-5 work, but then I gained strength to build my capacity and to frame my mind how to cover up the large number of assignments and how to evolve myself from the trance of web-world and engines that we were provided this week. 

This week seemed to me the toughest than the week I and Week 2 tasks and discussions, because all backlog need to be finished, then to recollect how to complete the task of project if by chance posted in Week 6 different short web-interactive lesson-plans.

Another amazing thing that I came across that, indeed many of internet resources, experts like Ms.Dona Shaw, Ms. Deborah Healey and Mr. Neta have been our patrons and guides  let us follow the zig-zag world of web-world, yet finally where we go and how we get stuck into some trap of web-tools and engines and then how we strive to find stress-busters in midst are not only sometimes inspiring but often these all become a new research for the people like us researching ourselves and letting us to be independent, aware, have autonomy and feeling attached to important works done  in web-world by numerous learned persons; moreover we feel we have found ourselves 'educational interventions' and doing away with traditional classroom and taking charge of our learning as an important learners of virtual classroom conducted by our reverend teacher.supervisor ms. Courtney Cunningham. 


I have felt  that I am quite at ease in loading, posting and designing the PPT with TELL through on my blog, but when I tried to download it myself from blog or to open the slides where videos loaded I realized that it was not working, I thought O God, how my fellows might be understanding what they might be inferring? So I thought to share it through my google+ account. Still I am unable to add my PPT in my google drive list or to download from the place where I shared.

Loading links in was easier, but to build a notice-board or to get feedbacks from fellow partners is still making me confused and consuming time to tackle it.

Due to Celebrations of Deepawali festival in India for a week, I am still in not able to converse with my friends or to post anything on the others' blogs, although i rectified many things that I did wrong previously.

Second difficulty was there in opening after 1.00pm during day time, I continuously tried to load one of the links of the video in my Learner's automy one-computer classroom lesson-plan, it didn't work, then late at night when i opened my email, i got to know from the instructor Ms. Courtney, it's crashed and it is in repair, she relaxed us so much in our toughest times of being trap too much in Web, it is commendable.


I have learnt a lot as learner how to be skillful in interactive webskills, yet as a teacher I have found that I am short of time to build funny puzzles, questions, crosswords like I have learnt in Webinar conducted at jaipur, Kanoria Girls' College on the Halloween Day.

I have drawn number of web-engines for facilitating me with making good lesson-plans, yet as I am teaching Literature to graduate and post-graduate students of my college, I am not into practice of tutotials or lessons via web 2.0, although we have everything as regards digital lab. i am much into research presently in language or literature, rather into action-research.


Thus I have gained a lot in this week as it has been a sphere where I had been for 15 years before coming into teaching of English literature for the last ten years.

More from you all. With best wishes and thanks,

Jayshree Singh

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