Dear Ms. Courtney and the team of UO
Dear Classmates


You have provided me with the wonderful ideas about, and many other sites to prepare lessons. Somehow in the vast expanse of network resources I have not approached till yet to design any inputs for my lesson plans via this site. I will do surely go through it once again, initially Jasmina too suggested this, yet I could not reach to it for my work. Another interesting site that you have made available to us is It is interesting that you have asked your students not to meddle with your personal blog rather you have created class reflective blog, so that you can be personal to students with their comments and suggestions and they can interact with each other.

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This week had been one of the most exciting, educative, eureka and encouraging to  learn lots of facilities that can be generated for students to web-access, web-assessments and web-based methodology for teaching-learning practices in ELT.

We have been able to create web-based replacements for the audio and video through ANVILL provided by -

ANVILL is facilitated with a microphone and / or webcam, a modern browser and Adobe's Flashplayer.

Crossword enables us to frame English language Vocabulary - Building exercises by way of puzzles, quizzes etc. is another source of designing and loading profile portfolio along with the latest updates of files of lesson plans posted on this site through Documents or Desktop of one's computer.

In order to enhance the English language lesson plans by integrating tradition and technology
the below given links showcase the ELT web-based practices:
objectives.html,, http:// etc

These prepare the learner and the teacher how to go with crucial aspects of developing lesson plans in ELT by following variations as per the level of students available in ELT classrooms and for EAP purposes.

This is very exciting. Hope you'll watch it at the following URL:

In case you're not already excited, here's some additional info:
Movie Title: Travelling to India
Total Scenes: 2
Plot Style: chase

I have prepared two lessons to teach and learn the following behavioural skills:
1. Learners' autonomy is well established in this lesson-plan in which students are to work in their individual capacity, in peers they need to juggle with song's vocabulary and they need to practice the sound pattern of words in order to produce that same song in their own voice in groups to present it in concert along with music
Aural-oral skills, the lesson link online is -
2. This small presentation through PPT is for perusal with reference to the Project task 5 done on Knowledge building with TELL. This PPt covers the syllabi on "Travel and Tourism". This PPT is for the students of the First Semester in the Graduate Course of Hotel and Tourism. This PPT includes mapping on Travel related information.
The spatial, kinetic and creative-critical thinking skills' lesson online link is -
Hope it's going to develop a sense of web-access and media-based assessments.
With regards
Jayshree Singh

Rest later.

With best wishes and thanks to all concerned for Web - skills networking!
Dr. Jayshree Singh


  1. Hi Jayshree,

    WOW! Week 8 was very productive and exciting for you! You were introduced to many new tools that can enhance your teaching and engage your students. I'm impressed with all that you explored!

    I enjoyed the movie you made on dvolver as well. Nice work!

    Thanks for an enthusiastic weekly reflection!



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