Dear Friends  
Dear & Respected Ms. Courtney

The ninth week has been cumulative, culminating, comfortable and conducive as regards learning and teaching of the course work on –“building teaching skills through the interactive web”.


This week emphasis has been on to complete the project plan or project report as per the provided project template, to organize on the basis of the eight weeks' focus area given to us while learning various web tools, web engines and web resources along with new style of web assessment.

We were supposed to enhance our learning styles as educators in the lesson plans, in projects actually teaching in classroom or preparing modules for the pedagogic and pragmatic classroom situation in the English Language even though not teaching in real sense.

The aim of this week is to reorganize our small PPT presentations, innovative multiple oriented task-based activities through TELL that we as learners’ learnt in the guidance of our instructor Ms. Courtney. They are to be thought-over again and framed as per learners' setting and course goals in words and paragraphs in the report along with the varied resources that we embedded in our project that we started since week fourth of our course – work of E-Teacher Scholarship Program, Fall, 2012.


Writing report had been one of the testing times of the learnt practices and to express in the words subjectively keeping in mind the project template, checklists and project task.
Indeed if it had not been asked, there would be no action research in the reports or there would be no expected response, problems, issues, needs and possible solutions to try with learners and new alternatives innovated by the teachers.

It finally helped to culminate the cumulative work of previous eight weeks started from the fourth week.

Secondly it adds comfort zone and makes one feel conducive in the students’ cognitive development because as per his/her capacity the learning and teaching of ELT practice is presented via project report.

For me it has been the action research in the sense, because at one level I had been the layperson to get myself initiated, involved in being with computing technology, so I, while working on my project task always felt where to be holistic, where to be alternative, and where to be tech-savvy while framing my project-plan, therefore I always focused on my reflections, expected response and possible solutions to try with the alternatives.

Thirdly it helped to check and balance the learning styles, activities, using computer technology in order to develop perception, orientation, expand opportunities, production capabilities with alternatives online and offline.
This has provoked a question to me if these practices will not soon be implemented in the courses of our college, a little unit of the achievement will not be fruitful concerning the students’ autonomy and self-development and students’ centeredness in the classroom environment.
Students and teachers in India access reading materials for references, but none of the practices of web-skills are powerfully used in the classes or in electronic communication.

Hoping for the best against the hopes in Indian Education System!

With best wishes and thanks for being the global partners for a while in life’s orientation.

Dr. Jayshree Singh


  1. Dear Jayashree,
    In Sri Lanka too,the teaching learning situation is similar to the pattern prevails in India.The school community expects traditional classrooms,in which the teacher plays the dominant role.Concurrently,the English teachers can play their part when there is an increasing demand for English in Society.When I was doing the project,the students were ready to accept changes and go with them.They were supporting and encouraging me.May be they wanted to be global partners very soon.Moreover,at the initial stage, I thought of educating all the English teachers at the advanced level section and later share our experiences with all the English teachers in the school.

    Wish you success in all your future endeavors!


    1. Dear Disna Amaratunga

      There are a few universal companions,a few teachers and a few learners who work locally, but their vision is always universal.. therefore they are winners and globe-trotters; they are reformers and well-wishers.

      It is our privilege to be visualised by US Department of State to pick us for E-Teacher Scholarship Program and to have training more and more so that imprints of benefits to students' welfare and cause may help the youths of contemporary times to reach new heights of ICT world.

      We should be thankful to our instructors, screen committee members to streamline ourselves in this vogue.

      It is certain that you were ahead of your present times teachers, so you got the fruit of enhancement. I join and shake hands with you to be continuously looking for learning new knowledge and sharing with our people to prepare them globally.

      With best wishes

      Jayshree Singh


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