Dear friends
 Dear Ms. Courtney

It has been one of the most overwhelming, engrossing, sensible and aesthetically creative course.For full ten weeks I have been trying my best to overcome the pursuit to learn webskills in ELT. The more the struggle, the more the passion and ecstasy for the building teaching skills through the interactive web became ardent and the fervour for learning and building teaching skills raised its intensity while finishing up with project task and project report.

It was at the initial level in the form of skepticism to be able to understand the coursework, therefore the right spelling of 'ecstasy' in my blog domain became 'extaxsie'!

If I talked about this course anywhere at first the response was - Uh it is just making you fool! We have been doing it and done it already.
Further comments were - see we are not into such stupid web -interactive tools to waste time! Somebody commented that it is a way to allure you to be in the worldware and it is no use here!
 Another comment such work is already available in the market in the programmed softwares, it is simply waste to search and plan lessons. When there is availability then why to go for this course.

The utility of this course is still questionable in the places where there is no accessibility of computer knowledge and evaluation is far -conceited through TELL.

Therefore going through this course was the most exciting when one sits with generation - Z learners or with generation - X  who crave for such software learning in variety of modes through World Wide Web.You can understand how I initially sought first the help of my daughter aged 16 XI class student to start with my blog. The fear factor was eliminated by our dearest instructor Ms. Courtney and learned experts and by our problem-solving oriented friends and classmates of E-Teacher Coursework.

It is for this generation I thought to devote my time, my learning capacity, my energy and my love for the teaching and learning practices for ELT.

I hope to continue with the blog and my reflections atleast once a while in a week though our course is finished. It is just to remain in practice and to research more to enhance web-learning practically in future.

I submit my due regards and thanks to elderly members of my family,  my husband- Sudhanshu Singh (RAS), AishwaryaSingh (daughter) to classmates and the reverend Ms. Courtney for becoming the partners in pains and joyful pursuits of  learning Webskills in ELT. 

With loving goodbye to all!
Jayshree Singh

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  1. Dear Jayshree Singh,

    I am glad that you didn't lose hope and faith in distance learning and you have actively participated in the discussions. My colleagues have also a wrong oppinion about such type of course thinking that they would have to wait by the computer the connection to the instructor. I can't say that the course was very complicated, probably because our work was carefully monitored by our talented instructor, who quickly replied to all the colleagues, or maybe because I enjoy implementing CALL in my class. It was time-consuming, but every single day that I spent on reading, taking part in Nicenet discussions, creating some online activities was worthy. Besides, I am happy I met you and all our colleagues!



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