Week -4 Reflections on the Reading Materials (PART - II)

Dear Friends

This is the last work that I am trying to add to my knowledge and to your information that the lesson plan that I have attempted to make in this week's assigned task for project as regards the integration of technology and to apply enhanced web-technology learning is based on the reading materials posted on Courtney's wiki link.

I scan almost all articles and webpages sent to us for the understanding of  technology, tradition and talent in enriching acquisition of prescribed text through multimedia glossing and visual elements to have cognition, comprehension and affective effects/skills in relation to retain vocabulary, reading material and dissemination of information for composition/email writing purpose.

Prof. Andrea writes that Call programs should make best use of above-mentioned elements online and offline in order to generate the student's participation.
Same is supported by Prof. Jarek Krajka who says that writing instruction should be enriched with the internet component, in order to provide students with choice, variety, authenticity and recency and to give them a real purpose for writing.

Both emphasize students' participation, authentic written interaction, to generate self confidence in deriving reading sources and to motivate them additionally through using computers and the Web.

Prof. Chao-ChihLiao too adds alight in this direction for improving reading and writing abilities in cross-cultural context via eamail for FL and L2 students. She says that "reflexive impact" in emailing projects for classroom activities is another field of specialization for Web ELT professionals and Wired language Teachers and educators.

Prof. Mei-Ya- Liang  gives guidance by her model lesson plan to EL educators to guide students to read authentic e-texts outside of the classroom and to improve their overall reading, writing and thinking skills by synthesizing and evaluating online materials with peers.

Besides that we have been provided with various web-links to knowhowto prepare ELT lesson planswith the the help of ICT and Net.

I think perhaps I was sincere this week to understand the Impact and Implications of TELL and CALL in ELT classrooms and in Cultural Context, so i took lot of interest while going through this week's discuusions, assignments, blogging, reflecting etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you all in the Week-5.

Jayshree Singh

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