Week -4 Reflections (PART - I)

Dear All

The fourth week I have found the toughest, but in streamline of Virtual Arena and Virtual E-Learning.
Wonderful issues, needs and problems have been discussed in the Internet Classroom Assistant by all who think web-learning is an accessory and complimentery but not absolute cup of satisfaction and replacement. Prof. Healey's deep exploration into the process and procedures of enhancing web enhancing interactive skills and with all supplementary food of search engines is mind-boggling. It is amazing to learn her skills which I have tried a little in my Project-task of this week for preparing a sample lesson plan titled - "Knowledge Building with Enhanced Web-Technology Learning" in which I have corporate the lesson on "Travel Tips & Destinations of Trek/Adventures".

I have found very helpful my instructor when I asked how to be into delicious.com. My classmates Ashish and Jasmina have been the regular partners for leading me out of the difficulties and traps for framing web-oriented lesson plans.

I think as we are heading into this course, the difficulty is not to swim in deep waters of the immensely available search engines, but difficulty lies how to use these resources into our teaching. I think this isthe most relevant part of this E-Teacher Scholarship Course.

My other friends Cherry, Rajkumar, Ina, Rustam have been awe-inspiringly  a cutting edge to the quality and
productive assurance of this web-skill environment by providing me lot of information through their bookmarks on delicious.com.
Rest later!

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  1. Dear Jayshree,

    I am glad I was of help. Sharing and collaborating is the very essence of this course so I believe we shall benefit from it on so many levels.



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